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El Zocalo Construction Progresses

On 47th Street in Brighton Park, Chicago, the El Zocalo project is making construction headway. Now sheathed on all exterior elevations, the building’s unique exterior cladding rain screen system will soon be installed. Interior construction on the five residential floors is progressing as well. General Contractor Lenox Hill Construction anticipates the building will be fully complete and ready for residents to move in this fall. For more information on the property, visit the El Zocalo site page.

El Zocalo progress

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01 mars

As we continue to advocate for our clients' rights and interests, it's important to acknowledge the progress in other areas of our community. The construction advancements at El Zocalo signify not only physical development but also the potential for economic growth and enhanced infrastructure. At The Law Office of Paul Mankin, we recognize the importance of staying informed about local developments that impact our clients and their surroundings. We remain committed to transparency and keeping our clients updated on relevant matters, ensuring their best interests are always at the forefront of our efforts.


08 nov. 2020

Observance of surety terms and duration, release of bonds and retention money when complied as per contract terms. A detailed rundown of construction activities during execution works is well defined Read More in tha Pert Cpm diagram to cover fieldwork and no of calendar days as per comtract.

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