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UPholdings, LLC is dedicated to being a good neighbor for the long run in each neighborhood we serve. Our team works to enable the community’s vision, ensures shared values are reflected in the operational plans, and upholds the original commitments for the life of the project. We are able to maintain a healthy portfolio through enhanced service coordination, robust partnerships, active tenant engagement, and attentive asset management.

UPholdings is founded upon a platform of extensive experience in deal sourcing, operations, management, leasing, and construction. Our related entity UPI (Urban Property Investments, LLC), is capable and poised for obtaining investments and capital sourcing that further UPholdings’ ability to quickly respond to community need and opportunities for preservation.

We are committed to being an invested neighbor for the long run. At UPholdings. we sustain our community investments beyond basic site management.

Whether or not UPholdings owns a unit(s) or manages a unit(s) for another owner, we have procedures in place to review, and maintain, our focused systems of wellness. These systems include monitoring the well-being of residents, outcomes around social determinants of health, as well as having good service partnerships in place. Along with resident health, our asset management team is skilled in ensuring the financial and physical health of all building assets in our portfolio.

Our team has been recognized with several awards and honorable mentions, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI Illinois Heroes Award, the City of Chicago Community Builders Award, the Institute of Real Estate Management Image Award for Blended Housing Program, and for our Walnut Commons development in Muncie, Indiana, we won the Indiana Lt. Governor’s award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.

Our UPholdings property and asset management teams attend industry-leading Spectrum Seminars’ training courses to earn their Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P) designation, and must, and do, stay up-to-date on Fair Housing, Section 504, LIHTC training, and other Affordable Housing Program requirements.

Within the sustaining principles of our umbrella company, UPholdings, Urban Property Investors allows UPholdings, as a whole, the ability to access capital and raise equity in the event a community requires a quick and efficient response for the preservation of, or additional investment in, a property.


“In a series of innovative, first-of-their-kind projects, UP Development has gained an impressive design and construction management track record for delivering high quality projects that enhance their communities. UP has raised the bar for affordable development with the quality of design, construction, and amenities they bring to their projects.

We’ve been fortunate to work with UP on a series of projects that, though sometimes met with initial opposition, were ultimately enthusiastically embraced by the communities when it became apparent their quality noticeably exceeded that of the surrounding built environment. Some of these projects, in fact, quickly developed sizable waiting lists.

UP understands the complexities of affordable housing. Each of their projects is unique, addressing specific needs and community contexts. They are committed to sustainable design. They are able to achieve financing others can’t. They persevere and seem to enjoy serious challenges. Generous in how they build for their residents, they are committed to creating dignified environments for people with special needs. I recommend them as highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated creative collaborators for affordable residential development.”



through ongoing resident engagement, asset management and community partnerships

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