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Butterfly Gardens Construction Progress

The exciting news is coming out of Clovis, California! This past week, walls went up at our Butterfly Gardens project. In the early morning hours of October 12th, BJ Perch Construction’s crews received the first delivery of preconstructed walls to frame out the first floor. Construction at Butterfly Gardens began in May 2021, and after a summer of site work, utility coordination, and foundation laying, the development is starting to look like a home. Thanks to our co-owner Self-Help Enterprises and construction and architecture partners BJ Perch Construction, Inc. and R. L. Davidson, Inc. for making this project a reality over the past few years.

Construction is set to complete at Butterfly Gardens in September 2022. Upon completion, the project will have 75 supportive housing units with full-time property management staff, wraparound supportive services, and two live-in staff members on site. The site will also have over 6,000 square feet of tenant amenity and social services space, with ample space for on-site supportive services staff from the Fresno Department of Behavioral Health. We are excited to see the project continue to transform before our eyes!

Walls going up at Butterfly Gardens

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 28

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