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UPholdings welcomes Compliance Manager

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

UPholdings congratulates Dannielle Williams-Raines in her new position as Compliance Manager. In this role, Dannielle will take the lead preparing property managers for their on-site management reviews and all annual file reports required by state agencies, investors, and contract administrators. She will monitor tenant file management, conduct periodic audits on site, and provide summary reports to the Regional Managers and Director of Property Management.

Dannielle brings 10 years of experience working with affordable housing programs including HOME, LIHTC, Project-Based Section 8, and Public Housing. She has served in the role as leasing agent and property manager giving her the experience needed to train site managers and implement best practices to ensure properties are compliant with their state agencies and owner-investors. We look forward to working with Dannielle!

Dannielle Williams-Raines

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