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Staff Profiles - Recent Promotions

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

UPholdings would like to announce two recent promotions within our company. Alex Pereira and Ryan Wilson have both been promoted from Project Analyst to Project Manager positions. Their new roles speak to their ability to work independently, work well with partners and in communities, and respond to regional and state priorities. They have both been with UPholdings for several years, and appreciate the opportunity to continue to grow in the company and the housing industry.

Alex enjoys his work because he understands that housing is central to so many critical aspects of our lives - our families, physical and mental health, employment, and sense of community. To improve someone’s housing situation is to empower them in many other ways, and Alex is driven by the holistic approach to housing that guides UPholdings. Alex believes the most rewarding aspect of the job is seeing his work come to fruition when the buildings go up and people move in. As for the future, Alex is excited that the new role comes with a broader scope - originating projects, more involvement in the closing process - as well as more independence, both of which will offer ways to learn and grow. Alex also believes that it’s important to keep an open mind and find ways to learn with each new project, as well as create balance between taking initiative and stepping back to watch and learn.

Ryan believes that everyone deserves safe, high-quality housing. He feels driven by the opportunity that he has been given to be a part of achieving that goal. Ryan finds job fulfillment in the diversity of his tasks, meeting people who have or will benefit from his work, and the opportunity to think creatively to solve problems. In his new role, Ryan looks forward to expanding the depth and breadth of efforts in communities where UPholdings currently works as well as in its growing geographic footprint. Ryan sees UPholdings as a great place to learn from the leadership team while having the freedom to explore new ideas. Since starting as an intern, Ryan has felt fortunate to learn from Alex and principal Jessica Berzac. Both have been invaluable resources as he continues to learn and grow.

Ryan Wilson and Alex Pereira

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