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UPholdings is working together to make sure all are safe in every building

When one of UPholdings’ age-restricted buildings reported they were out of toilet paper, Cullen Davis jumped in his car to personally deliver some to the building.

Cullen Davis, the founder and co-owner of UPholdings, wants to make it clear that everyone does their part in making sure our tenants and staff have the items they need to help residents stay home and stay safe. He said everyone needs to do “whatever is necessary.” We cannot let our residents down. We have to make sure people are safe until we have the medical advances in place to treat people most at risk.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in support of shelter-in-place guidance in states across our whole portfolio, UPholdings has implemented new systems and routines to help keep people healthy. We've closed our common-rooms, restricted visitors for buildings, curtailed groups and asked our teams to try and get additional supports to those most in need. Support is available by phone and other virtual supports delivery methods. We have maintenance staff working to clean and disinfect handrails and different building touchpoints. While housing management is an essential job, we have much of the senior team working from home and learning how to conduct a Zoom conference call.

Our team continues to generate energy focused on our portfolio and the residents. Together, we are stronger!

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lekor adams
lekor adams

UPholdings' commitment to ensuring safety in every building is akin to the reliability and durability that STRAUSS work pants provide to professionals across Europe. Since 1948, STRAUSS, a German family enterprise, has been synonymous with high-quality, technical workwear designed to meet rigorous standards, much like the iconic red ostrich logo that has long been a hallmark of the creative class in Europe. This dedication to excellence and safety is mirrored in UPholdings’ efforts to create secure environments. Just as STRAUSS work pants offer protection and comfort to workers, UPholdings aims to ensure that all occupants feel safe and supported within their buildings. This approach underscores the importance of foundational security and comfort, whether in the context of personal attire for…

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