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Resident Interview

Cliff McCulley, a resident at Myers Place, has been practicing yoga since 2000. He says that he does it to remain calm, but also he does it for his health. Cliff also takes part in other groups and social activities offered at Myers Place. “I like self-help groups. Without groups and socials, there is no life here,” said Cliff.

Cliff has been a resident of Myers Place for over six years. “I love living here. I love freedom, and the building is quiet. I lived with my parents for 45 years of my life in Hoffman Estates.” Cliff shared that “part of my daily routine includes diet, exercise sleeping and social” and encourages others to do so as well “can’t just sit in your apartment all day, I think that it is important for people here to socialize more.”

Myers Place is one of the supportive housing buildings in the northwestern Chicagoland suburbs developed by UPholdings in the past decade. These buildings offer an opportunity for persons to have a little bit of free help and social activities as they maintain an apartment they can afford.

Low-impact physical exercises, like yoga, help Cliff stay healthy, while he enjoys the friendships he makes in the building. Myers Place has a long history of offering on-site healthy living groups. These groups include yoga, Zumba, meal planning, and nutrition counseling. Each group, often provided by a local behavioral health or healthcare professional, look to address chronic preventable health issues.

Each of these activities supports each resident with their individual healthcare goals, day structure, and developing relationships with neighbors.

Cliff McCulley

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