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Property Feature - River's Edge

River’s Edge is a brand new 56-unit, service-enriched apartment complex in Fort Wayne, Indiana. All the units are made available for chronically homeless households, homeless households who are living with a disability, or homeless households who are frequent users of emergency services. Located only five-minutes from Glenbrook Square, River’s Edge’s residents enjoy a wide range of commercial establishments including retail stores, restaurants, and grocery options. Due to COVID-19, the community builder at River’s Edge has been identify online job training programs and if needed will meet in-person to help those who prefer in-person consultations, while obviously adhering to strict social distancing mandates and masks. According to the property manager, this little bit of extra help has gone a long way in keeping residents busy while building skills and knowledge that will help them secure future employment.

River's Edge

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20 mars

Discover the allure of River's Edge, a captivating property feature that epitomizes tranquility and sophistication. At KDI-INK, we understand the importance of creating spaces that inspire and elevate. As the fastest-growing office technology provider in the mid-Atlantic region, we bring the same commitment to premium quality, personalized service, and affordability to every aspect of your business, including your workspace. With our dedication to maintaining a diverse work environment, we ensure that every individual feels valued and respected. Explore the possibilities with KDI-INK and experience the difference in every detail.


Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
21 nov. 2023

Northwest Arkansas Land Trust's recent conservation of 830 acres at the historic Lake Frances property marks a significant milestone in preserving the region's natural beauty. The acquisition, made possible through strategic partnerships and community support, highlights the commitment to sustainable land use. Notably, property bonds play a pivotal role in financing such endeavors, enabling conservation organizations to secure funds for long-term environmental protection. Forest Knight, renowned for its expertise in real estate investments, played a crucial role in facilitating this conservation effort. Their commitment reflects a broader trend, showcasing how private enterprises can align with environmental goals, demonstrating the viability of responsible property management for the benefit of current and future generations.

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