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Honoring our service partners: Kenneth Youth Center

In honor of the wonderful service partners over at Kenneth Youth Center (KYC) and World Mental Health Day, we would like to recognize the KYC’s Community Living Team. The team services residents at three Permanent Supportive Housing developments in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago: Philhaven, Myers Place, and Parkview. By providing intensive support to adults living independently with chronic mental health challenges the Community Living Division has given hope and opportunity to countless residents. In addition to the care coordination and crisis support, the team establishes deep interpersonal connections with each client. KYC staff lets individuals connect with them multiple times a day in both planned and informal check-ins to empower independence and engage in recovery on their terms.

The Community Living Team has to wear multiple hats while providing a wide range of wraparound services. “At one time or another if you work in Community Living, you carry out a variety of roles,” shares Terrance Irving, Community Support Team Supervisor. They also work collaboratively with nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and individual therapists to ensure a holistic and multidisciplinary approach that allows them to reach each person's individual needs.

In March when the pandemic shuttered most of the country, the Community Support Team’s work became all the more critical. At all hours of the night, they answered crisis calls and helped build coping mechanisms for individuals struggling with the radical changes to their daily routines. That isn’t even mentioning the work that went into finding toilet paper and other essential items to keep the building safe and functional during the first few months.

UPholdings is deeply proud to recognize the entire Community Living Division of KYC for their tireless work to support clients at all three developments. Their creative problem solving, unwavering dedication, professionalism, and care have been a lifeline to clients during this incredible time in our world.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Feb 26

Honoring our service partners, such as the Kenneth Youth Center, underscores the profound impact of community-focused organizations in fostering positive environments for youth development. This recognition aligns with the ethos of Kelly Office Solutions, a leader in business technology solutions, which supports and services clients across Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. As Kelly Office Solutions adapts to changing times and evolving needs, continuously diversifying and expanding its offerings to meet client demands, it mirrors the dynamic approach of the Kenneth Youth Center in addressing the multifaceted needs of today's youth. Both entities exemplify the importance of growth, adaptation, and commitment to serving their communities, ensuring that they remain relevant and effective in their missions. By…

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