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Harbor Square Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On August 2, 2021, UPholdings and HealthLinc held the grand opening for Harbor Square, an affordable housing development with a mix of 28 one- and two-bedroom units. The development is located at 2301 Broadway Street. The event celebrated the construction completion of a project five years in the making and highlighted the importance of affordable rental housing with a social services lens in East Chicago.

Honoring the ceremony with their thoughts on the importance of affordable housing in our communities were guest speakers East Chicago Mayor Anthony Copeland, a representative from Congressman Frank Mrvan’s office, Executive Director of Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority Jacob Sipe, Senior Vice President of People’s Bank Dan Moser, and a representative from Congressman Mike Braun's office. Introductory remarks about the project’s history and future were provided by the Co-owner and Principal of UPholdings Jessica Hoff Berzac and Chief Executive Officer of HealthLinc Beth Wrobel. The speaking program was followed by a ceremonial ribbon cutting, representing the culmination of years of effort to build these homes. Over 80 guests toured the brand new apartments and the HealthLinc Health Center.

“UPholdings is committed to a holistic partner rich approach to comprehensively address the need for quality housing,” noted Jesicca Hoff Berzac. “Our tenant engagement uses a resident-centered approach to meet people where they are, and with local community social service agencies, we create pathways for progress with various providers to support the individual's growth.” Most directly, residents will benefit from a Federally Qualified Health Clinic on-site managed by HealthLinc which will provide medical services, including primary health care and medically assisted treatment for addiction along with behavioral health and optometry services, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. In conjunction with local partners, HealthLinc will also assist in the coordination of services with other non-profits in resident empowerment initiatives for employment, education, and resident engagement. “HealthLinc is thrilled to be a part of this unique project and expanding our reach in East Chicago,” states Beth Wrobel, CEO. “Access to quality health care and creating healthy communities is what we are about, and we look forward to being a part of this neighborhood.”

From left to right: Jacob Sipe, Beth Wrobel, Dan Moser, Mayor Anthony Copeland, Jessica Hoff Berzac, Anthony Ferraro, Mark Lopez

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Sergiy Sergiy
Sergiy Sergiy
Jun 10

The Harbor Square Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was a momentous occasion, marking a new chapter for our community. The event was filled with excitement and optimism, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. Attendees could feel a sense of unity and shared purpose. As we celebrate this milestone, it's essential to recognize organizations like The Canadian Centre for Addictions, which play a crucial role in our society. They provide invaluable support for individuals on their journey to recovery, offering signs your liver is healing as they help people overcome addiction. This new facility embodies our collective commitment to a healthier, thriving community.


lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 01

The Harbor Square Ribbon Cutting Ceremony marks more than the unveiling of a new development; it symbolizes a community's growth and the creation of a new space for connections, mirroring the sanctuary-like experience provided by Wheel of Bliss. This event celebrates the culmination of hard work and vision, offering a fresh venue for individuals to come together, much like Wheel of Bliss facilitates reconnection with oneself, others, nature, and spirit. As Harbor Square opens its doors, it invites the community to step away from the hustle of modern life, to engage in meaningful interactions, and to rediscover the joy of shared spaces. This ceremony is not just about cutting a ribbon but about opening new pathways for community engagement, reflecting…


Feb 29

The Harbor Square Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 2, 2021, celebrated the completion of a vital affordable housing project in East Chicago, showcasing a collaborative effort between UPholdings and HealthLinc. With esteemed speakers emphasizing the significance of such initiatives, including Mayor Anthony Copeland and congressional representatives, the event highlighted a holistic approach to community well-being. Jessica Hoff Berzac and Beth Wrobel's remarks underscored the integration of health services and community empowerment, reflecting a commitment to sustainable progress. As a company rooted in customer satisfaction and community service, Duplicator Sales & Service recognizes and values such endeavors, continuing to forge partnerships that enhance accessibility and efficiency in business technologies.

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