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UPholdings is a partner for communities, through our nonprofit and social service collaborations, our tenant engagement services, and our long-term asset management services.

Since our founding as an affordable housing development and management company, we have grown and expanded. UPA, a property management company, and UP Development, a real estate development company, merged in 2010 to transform into the unified company that we are today. Our founders, co-owners Cullen J. Davis and Jessica Hoff Berzac, created this comprehensive real estate firm that is dedicated to creating, operating, and sustaining quality affordable housing in communities throughout the United States.

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our commitment

UP Development, LLC (UPD), under our umbrella company UPholdings, understands the complexity of affordable housing. We know that intelligent development begins with understanding the unique needs of each neighborhood.

By working with community leaders and local organizations, our UPD branch creates and builds projects that will blend seamlessly into the existing fabric of the area.


Development Services

At UPA, LLC, we specialize in affordable, public and mixed-income housing management. Under UPholdings, UPA continues to operate and manage each property by proudly implementing the Blended Housing Management Program, which improves both the physical assets and human assets within the UPholdings portfolio.



Property Management

UPholdings, LLC is dedicated to being a good neighbor for the long run in each neighborhood we serve. Our team works to enable the community’s vision, ensures shared values are reflected in the operational plans, and upholds the original commitments for the life of the project. We are able to maintain a healthy portfolio through enhanced service coordination, robust partnerships, active tenant engagement, and attentive asset management.


Asset Management

our properties

UPholdings develops, manages, and owns a diverse portfolio including high rise apartment buildings, single family subdivisions and walk up buildings for many different population groups across the country.


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