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Fresno County hosts Virtual Town Hall to Discuss Homekey/Hotel Fresno Revitalization Proposal

Recently, representatives of the County of Fresno, RH Community Builders, UPholdings, and the Fresno-Madera Continuum of Care conducted a virtual community Town Hall meeting to discuss efforts to acquire and rehabilitate the Hotel Fresno on Blackstone/Dakota Avenues and provide assistance to people experiencing homelessness as part of the State of California’s Homekey program.

The virtual Town Hall meeting was an informational session featuring presentations by partners and open conversation with an opportunity for the community and media to provide input and ask any questions about the proposal.

Proposed rendering

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Mar 20

Fresno County's initiative to host a Virtual Town Hall discussing the Homekey/Hotel Fresno Revitalization Proposal is a commendable step towards community engagement and development. At DTS, we understand the importance of collaborative efforts in driving positive change. Just as we strive to provide tailored technology solutions to our clients in Minneapolis, we applaud Fresno County's commitment to addressing local challenges and revitalizing communities. By fostering open dialogue and participation, initiatives like these pave the way for inclusive growth and progress. Let's continue to work together towards building stronger and more vibrant communities for all.

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