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Housing is Essential

At UPHoldings, we believe that housing is essential to wellness, especially during these unprecedented times. As we face this global pandemic, UPHoldings and our sister entities are proud to employ more than 250 people across four states, and remain responsible for over 10,000 units of housing. We know that those who are facing socioeconomic challenges are struggling with their ability to pay rent and other basic living expenses during this time. While the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted all phases of our operations and all phases of our tenant's lives, we remain committed to providing safe housing solutions, now more than ever.

Construction and Building Management are both deemed as essential duties across the states we currently operate in and our portfolio continues to remain strong for the families who need us most. To do that, we need our highly capable team of employees to remain healthy, strong and focused throughout these coming weeks and months.  At UPholdings, we value housing, not profit and remain driven by our mission. As such, the Chairman and President are both foregoing compensation for the remainder of 2020, so we can continue to employ people on the front lines, pay the vendors who service our buildings and keep the lights on.  We know that spirits can be bent, but not broken, when guided by faith for a brighter tomorrow.  We continue to thank our people on the ground who are cleaning and maintaining the buildings that our residents call home. We are following all the CDC recommended guidelines and UPHoldings values and honors our employee's contributions daily, while every else is in quarantine.

As needed, we will continue to find creative ways to create the best outcomes for our tenants and our employees. The affordable housing crisis in America continues to surge and by working together, we will come out stronger than ever.

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