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UPholdings’ Project Manager is a position of critical importance to Upholdings’ growth and stability.  This position is responsible for the day-to-day front-line activities of real estate development in one or more states.  Specific duties of the Project Manager include but are not limited to:


  • Oversee all acquisition, financing, and design activities on several developments per year, working with other CREATE and OPERATE staff as assigned and needed. Specifically, you will:

    • Initiate and evaluate new development opportunities;

    • Analyze federal, state and local priorities for creation, acquisition and financing of affordable housing;

    • Evaluate potential sites to determine feasibility;

    • Negotiate purchase agreements and establish site control;

    • Secure financing for new projects using Section 42, HUD HOME/CDBG, FHLB AHP, and other available project financing sources;

    • Identify target resident population, service provider partners, and potential Joint Venture (JV) opportunities;

    • At a minimum, you will make every effort to secure at least one LIHTC award per year. 

  • Oversee select development projects, as follows:

    • Oversee all elements of securing project financing.

    • No less than quarterly, evaluate and audit the ongoing development and intended operational financing for projects under construction, ensuring the project remains in balance and is financially feasible as originally projected;

    • Procure construction and permanent financing sources.  

    • Oversee Project Coordinators to close and cause the funding of project financing sources;

    • Oversee Project Coordinators in selecting the various vendors necessary for project completion as needed.

    • Solicit and coordinate the work of project consultants.

    • Prepare periodic project activity reports. 

    • Prepare and implement relocation plans if required.  

  • Act as community liaison and primary voice for UPholdings, such as:

    • Performing outreach duties and public relations work as needed;

    • Attending neighborhood and community meetings;

    • Participating in City / County / State policy planning and advocacy efforts.

  • At discretion of the President, prepare Housing Development reports, including narrative reports, developer fee projections and risk rating reports. 

  • Perform other tasks as may be assigned by the President, CEO or Director of Operations.


  • High degree of initiative and independence.

  • Excels at working on small teams.  

  • Maintains a proficient understanding of current real estate financing structures, terms, and market conditions;   

  • Basic understanding of construction design, processes, scheduling, and costs.

  • An in-depth technical aptitude for and knowledge of structuring complex private and public debt financing and equity for affordable housing development projects.

  • The capacity to exercise considerable independent judgment over typical acquisition, financing, construction and design issues.

  • Well-developed analytical and negotiation skills.

  • Well-developed oral, written and public speaking skills.

  • Ability to collaborate with and lead a wide variety of individuals and groups.

  • Capacity to work productively under pressure.


Bachelor’s degree and 2 years’ experience in real estate development, finance or construction management.  A master’s degree in city planning, architecture, business or a related field can be substituted for one year of experience.


Master’s degree and 2 years’ experience in real estate, finance or construction management, including transactional knowledge of low-income housing tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, and other financing sources for affordable housing.  A master’s degree in city planning, architecture, business or a related field can be substituted for one year of experience.


40 hours per week. Must be available on weekends for meetings, and ability to travel.


UPholdings is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please click the Apply button above to submit your cover letter and resume. 

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