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56 units of permanent supportive housing under development in Clermont County, Ohio


UP Development, LLC (UPD), under our umbrella company UPholdings, understands the complexity of affordable housing. We know that intelligent development begins with understanding the unique needs of each neighborhood.


By working with community leaders and local organizations, our UPD branch develops projects that will blend seamlessly into the existing fabric of the area. Whether a community needs a solution to homelessness or a stable, dignified apartment complex for the disabled, UPD is flexible and has the experience to meet local need. Our UPD team prizes every relationship it cultivates locally, and sees those relationships as a pathway, through the means of our development and financial capacity, to enhancing a community-based local visions and collaboratively founded project.

We create community by listening and responding to the needs of all stakeholders, which results in lasting and impactful partnerships. In the current UPholdings portfolio, we have nearly 400 units of affordable, mixed-income, and permanent supportive housing in the pre-development, development, and construction pipeline.

We employ a talented team of development professionals at UPholdings. Our staff specializes in:

  • Pre-development: 

    • Our staff members bring together leaders in community development, social services, design, finance, tenant advocacy, government, and other areas to craft housing solutions that address local challenges. In the predevelopment phase, we work alongside residents and other stakeholders to articulate their collective vision and outline the necessary steps to make that vision a tangible reality.

  • Finance:

    • We specialize in creative financing strategies to fund the development of affordable housing. In many cases, we have worked with both government agencies and nonprofit organizations to pilot programs that direct dollars—both capital and operational—into good housing for vulnerable populations. We engage high-level decision-makers in conversations regarding expanding housing resources while also working locally to finance the creation of amenity-rich housing and homes for residents.

  • Construction Management:

    • Our operation coordinators oversee the property design and construction phases that bring our critical housing projects to fruition. We execute our objective of building exceptional, affordable residences by taking the lead an overseeing the projects, and continuously guiding the vision, for our partnering contractors, architects, engineers, and other collaborators. Our team not only focuses on all aspects of construction, but also always pays special attention to details for all of our multi-scale projects to ensure that healthy, sustainable, and attractive elements are integrated into each project for an enhanced quality of life.


“UP Development offers comprehensive services with professionalism, up-to-date best practices and superior customer services. Their consumer-focused approach totally reimagines typical cookie-cutter project design and allows for each development to be built from scratch. UPD has the keen ability to assemble project partners and build rapport with community stakeholders, which speaks to not only their professionalism, but also to their approachability and friendliness. I’ve witnessed the team members at

UPD pierce a new market with respect and a sense of collegiality and collaboration.”



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